Caly Flora procures its products from growers who have deep commitment to social responsibility. Most of our suppliers are accredited by some of the following organizations ; Kenya Flower Council (KFC), Flower Label Program (FLP), Milieu Programma Sierteelt (MPS) - Netherlands and EUREPGAP.

Additionally, Caly Flora’s outlook to business is grounded in the love and conservation for nature.

Greenit Decors and Mizizi Eco Circle, brands of Caly Flora, are collectively passionate about Indigenous Kenyan trees that are the legacy of thousands of years and form the lungs of our country’s forest covers and precious eco system.

Our Vision is to inspire Kenyans and the World in general to lovingly care for nature by making it part of their daily lives and further inspire coming generations. We believe that a greener planet is a cleaner planet and provide solutions to adding life-affirming nature to home, office and exteriors spaces.